About Us

Hey!  We are so glad you found us.  We wanted to take a moment to share our story about how our small business was created.  We think you'll find it intriguing and inspiring.

My wife and I were newly-weds, fresh out of college.  So to say we were living on a budget would've be an understatement.  But we thought it might be time to upgrade our furniture from our cheap college furniture.

So naturally, we made our way to the local, big-box furniture stores.  We realized quickly that everything in the store was out of our very limited, college-grad budget.  Therefore, we found ourselves leaving these stores and going back home.

Feeling a little defeated, we started thinking about what alternatives we had to upgrade our furniture.  That's when we started looking on Pinterest to find some inspiration.  What we found were some "recipes" for how to build your own furniture.

Let's keep in mind that we had zero experience building anything.  No construction background, no remodeling experience and definitely no carpentry experience.  But we thought, "Heck, let's give it a try."

So we were off to our big box lumber store to purchase some lumber for the furniture we were going to try and build.  Thankfully, the "recipe" on Pinterest told us exactly what we needed to buy.

We bought the lumber, one or two cheap hand tools and brought it back to our home.  We borrowed my father-in-laws saw to cut the wood to length and started putting the pieces together hoping that it would resemble something like a coffee table when we were done.

And it did!  We almost couldn't believe it.  We had set out to build a coffee table from scratch following a set of simple instructions and we did it.  With our newly found confidence, we built an end table and a tv stand as well.  Before we knew it, we had built an entire living room set from scratch and it didn't look half bad!

Next, we decided to build a dining room table for ourself and after that we started to get questions from friends and family about our furniture.  After telling them that we made it ourself, they started asking us to build pieces of furniture for them.  So we did!

We had a clever idea to list some of our furniture on Facebook Marketplace to see if it would sell.  Now we were starting to get significant inquiries to build furniture for people we didn't know.  It was at this point that we needed to make a decision.  Do we continue doing this as a hobby and not charge anything behind material cost or do we create a small business and start selling furniture?

This led us to the decision to open our own business.  It's important to note that my wife and I were working full-time in completely separate industries at this time.  But fast forward to 2021 and we were both making the proverbial leap into full-time business ownership.

Today, we own and operate our midwest-based woodworking company where we craft everything from dining room tables to hand-made children toys.

Most of the clients we serve are in the midwest.  But we serve clients all across the US.  That's all for now--that's our story so far.  We really appreciate the opportunity to share our story of humble beginnings with you and look forward to continue sharing our story.

Check out what we're currently working on in the woodshop by checking out our Facebook or Instagram.  And reach out if you'd like us to craft something for you as well!  


Nate & Anna
Boscaljon Design Co.